Homeless Sculpture was a one-day discussion event that explored issues of production, display and reception in relation to the homeless objects of sculpture. Central to the day was a display of sculptures from The Whitworth collection curated by John Plowman, Clare O’Dowd and Charles Hewlings co-organisers of the day.

The day consisted of three themed sessions as follows:

The first session ‘How to break the isolation of the sculptural object?’ was led by Charles Hewlings (Artist) with contributions from Bernice Donzelmann (Chelsea, UAL), Dr. Jo Melvin (Chelsea, UAL) and Brendan Prendeville (Goldsmiths College, London).

The second session ‘No particular place to go – is being lost a (the) defining condition of sculpture?’ was led by John Plowman (Artist) with contributions from Dr. Joy Sleeman (The Slade, UCL) and Dr Catherine George (University of Lincoln).

The third session  Framing a Homeless Sculpture’ was led by Dr. Clare O’Dowd (University of Manchester) with contributions from Sam Lackey (Senior Curator (Programmes) The Whitworth) and Professor Alex Potts (University of Michigan).

The plenary session was led by Dr. Julia Kelly of Loughborough University.